Company Profile

  Sichuan Industrial Equipment Installation Group CO.,LTD. was founded in 1952.It is a general contracting capacity for electromechanical, municipal, petrochemical and housing construction. It integrates engineering construction, engineering inspection, technical consultation and talent cultivation. It is cross-industry, cross-regional and cross-border. State-owned large-scale comprehensive construction enterprises.

        The company's qualification system is complete, including 25 subsidiaries with a total of 25 qualifications. It has the qualifications for overseas contracted projects and has excellent engineering general contracting and professional contracting capabilities. It has the general contracting level of mechanical and electrical engineering, municipal public works, petrochemical engineering, construction engineering construction, general contracting level of power engineering and metallurgical engineering construction, engineering design and construction level of fire protection facilities, steel structure engineering, lifting equipment installation engineering, Professional contracting qualifications for urban and road lighting projects, environmental protection projects, airport visual aids, special projects, etc., as well as pressure pipelines, pressure vessels, boilers, elevator special equipment licenses and non-destructive testing agency approval certificates. The company also passes quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management system certification.

  The company's business areas include various industrial, civil and public engineering constructions, involving petrochemicals, aerospace, defense and military, energy and environmental protection, housing construction, transportation, machinery manufacturing, culture and education, medical and health, electronic and electrical, light industrial textiles, building materials. Metallurgical and other industries.

  The company has 13 comprehensive branches, six wholly-owned subsidiaries (including one overseas company), eight professional branches, and has a metal structure factory, a welding training center, an installation skill appraisal training center, a technical school, Huaan Industrial Management Branch and so on. The company is centered in Chengdu, with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing as the supporting regional distribution. The company operates in all parts of the country; it has been in Egypt, Iraq, Nepal, Pakistan, Fiji, Kenya, Cape Verde, Tanzania, and the United States. The countries such as Ban, Zambia and other countries have undertaken the project, forming a pattern of Chengdu, which is the headquarters, participating in the construction and installation market in an all-round, multi-field and large-span.

        The company has more than 2300 employees, of which more than 1200 are all kinds of high and intermediate engineering and technical managers and registered builders, registered safety engineers, registered cost engineers, certified public accountants and other professional and technical personnel, and more than 1100 are all kinds of professional technicians and technical workers, fully equipped and reasonably structured.

  Companies with advanced technology, strict management, strong strength, quality service has been praised by the community and the majority of users. 17 Luban Awards, 9 National Quality Engineering Awards, 1 Zhan Tianyou Award, 1 Hundred and Five Hundred Classics and Fine Works in Reform and Opening up, 1 Municipal Golden Cup Demonstration Project, 13 China Installed Stars, 13 Provinces and Cities 153 high-quality engineering and high-quality structure awards, 2 high-quality engineering Baiyulan cups in Shanghai, 18 national-level provincial scientific and technological progress awards, 25 construction methods, 25 invention patents, and won many national-level “contract-honoring and credit-keeping” Units, national excellent construction enterprises, national engineering construction quality management outstanding enterprises, Sichuan construction industry advanced enterprises, Sichuan civilized units, Sichuan Province external development advanced collectives, Sichuan key construction advanced units, Sichuan provincial engineering construction system "user satisfaction" Enterprise and other honorary titles.

        The company has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of “Bingde from the road, building the world” and the corporate values of “responsibility, integrity, cooperation and innovation”. Adhering to the needs of the owners is our pursuit and dedication to the society.