Job Information

Recruitment professional schedule

  Recruitment conditions: 2018 fresh graduate candidates must obtain a diploma, degree certificate, no major exams in the main subject, CET passed level 4, good health, have a certain understanding of the nature of the construction and installation industry, a correct attitude, obey the company's unified distribution, the first labor The contract is signed no less than 5 years, and special students such as literature and art can be admitted.
Recruitment process: Recruitment site or online delivery resume / primary selection / interview / written test / comprehensive evaluation / employment (signing tripartite agreement)
Remuneration package: probation period of six months, probation period salary standard: college students: 2600 yuan / month, undergraduate students: 3060 yuan / month, double degree and graduate students 3,500 yuan / month, (postgraduate trial period is three months). After the probation period, the company's management personnel salary standards will be implemented. If the applicants sign labor contracts with the company, the company will pay five insurances and one gold according to the state regulations; the student household registration and student files can be moved to our company headquarters (Chengdu). Unified management.